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zuri, the poetic mystic






I am that I am and that is all I aim to be.

throughout life's trajectory, I have come to learn many things about myself and the operations of the universe. the most valuable piece of information I learned though, was that I am extremely multi-faceted & that I cannot let any part of me go to waste. I made it my mission to become someone who could be every bit of herself after feeling misplaced for so long. sometimes, the scariest thing in the world is ignoring the external & being who the internal calls you to be. but that's exactly what needs to be done.

my brands main mission is to use my gifts to explore myself, the world and to bind us all with love. each facet of me brings compassion and empathy for who you are and who you wish to be. please contact me by clicking the button below if you're interested in any of my services. enjoy my music and products I sell on Etsy via links on the services tab or here.


 I look forward to connecting with you and helping you along your life's journey.


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